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Looking to adopt a child in Dominica? We have been actively involved in processing applications for the international adoption of children in Dominica for a considerable number of years.

Our adoption services are not restricted solely to Dominica, but also extends to the other Caribbean countries.

We have successfully adopted a very swift and efficient method of processing the adoption application in a minimum period of 14 working days.


Dominican children do not have to be orphans or abandoned in order to be eligible for adoption.

The adoption process is done in Dominica. The main requirements are that:-

  • The court must be satisfied that the adopter is a fit and proper person in favour of whom an Adoption Order may be made.
  • The parent or guardian of the child to be adopted must give their consent.
  • If the adopter is resident out of Dominica a Home Study Report is required from a recognized Social Worker resident in the adopter's home State.
  • During the adoption process an independent guardian, preferably a welfare officer, from whom a report is also required, is appointed Guardian Ad Litem to act on behalf and to look after the interest of the child.

After the Adoption Order is granted the court issues an Adoption Certificate, which makes the adoption both legal and effective. After the adoption certificate is issued, if necessary, it can be taken to the nearest Embassy or Consulate to arrange for the migration of the adopted child to the respective country of residency.

The Adoption Certificate is issued in at least two days from the date of the granting of the Adoption Order. For further assistance in adopting a child from Dominica or have any questions regarding the adoption process, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will take care of the entire adoption process for you both speedily and efficiently from beginning to end. We will arrange everything for you including accommodation and the only time you will be required to visit Dominica is for the hearing of the Adoption Petition before the court. We will inform you of that date in advance so that travel arrangement can be made at your convenience.

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